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Skincare made from pure liquid silk has launched in the UK

A new range of beauty products containing pure silk have launched at Harrods.

Harper's Bazaar | 08/12/2018

Harper's Bazaar | 08/12/2018

A Beauty Startup Has Launched Skincare Made from Pure Silk

Are silkworm cocoons the secret to baby-soft skin? That’s what Boston-based natural chemistry firm Silk Therapeutics is betting on.

Business of Fashion | 08/10/2018

The Science Behind Liquid Silk, a Sustainable Fiber

The founders of Silk Inc. created a proprietary pure liquefied silk ideal for use in skin care, textiles and medical products.

WWD | 05/10/2018

This Natural Liquid Silk Is Starting To Replace Oil-Based Plastic

There’s a lot of retro-chemicals in products we put on or in our bodies. This company wants to replace it with a new form of silk.

Fast Company | 12/11/2017

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