Silk Medical Aesthetics Inc. is a medical dermal filler company pioneering a versatile new platform in volume correction based on biocompatible, all-natural silk.

It is the first time silk has been used in volume correction, a breakthrough made possible by the company's patented invention of Activated SilkTM Technology: pure, all-natural silk protein in liquid form. It’s anticipated to be the most biocompatible form of silk available today.

  • The technology platform will aim to support multiple product indications as it affords advanced material properties that have not previously existed. The product portfolio is designed for the treatment of wrinkles and scars on the face, body and hands across a variety of skin depths.
  • Natural silk may provide advanced product benefits, including: more precise control of swelling, decreased redness and inflammation following injection, decoupling filler longevity from gel elasticity and cross-linking density, and advanced optical properties for superficial skin targeting.
  • The platform is the company's first step toward creating new implantable natural biomaterial systems from Activated SilkTM Technology, an organically and sustainably manufactured product.

Product not available for sale. Clinical trials will begin in 2019.

Clinical trials for the platform’s first indication will begin in 2019.


We founded Silk Medical Aesthetics to make medical products used in the skin safer and more effective by unlocking and applying the inherent properties of natural silk.

We founded Silk Medical Aesthetics to leverage the inherent power of natural silk to make medical products used in the skin safer and more effective.

Our Founders


Dr Gregory Altman

Co-Founder and CEO

A leading expert in natural silk biomaterials, Greg heads strategy and innovation at Silk Medical Aesthetics and concurrently serves as the CEO of Evolved By Nature. His extensive research into silk’s biocompatibility with the human body led to the creation of his first company, Serica Technologies, where he and Rebecca Lacouture, SMA’s co-founder, president and COO, developed the first FDA-approved silk-based medical device for soft tissue reconstruction. This breakthrough technology was acquired by Allergan, where Greg served as Vice President of Research and Development and General Manager. He is the inventor of several patents on clean silk technology and holds a PhD in Biotechnology Engineering and BS in Chemistry from Tufts University.


Dr Rebecca Lacouture

Co-Founder, President and COO

With a passion for clean solutions for human health, Beck leads the company’s development, engineering and operations. She concurrently serves as the President and COO of Evolved By Nature. Beck’s findings have led to critical advancements in silk technology, and she is the inventor for several patents on the structure of silk biomaterials. Beck previously spearheaded research and development at Serica Technologies and Allergan. She was named one of Boston Business Journal’s 40 under 40 in 2015. Beck earned her PhD in Biomedical Engineering and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University.

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

Greg Altman, PhD

Chief Executive Officer,
Silk Medical Aesthetics Inc.

Roy P. Disney

Private Investor and Philanthropist

Daniel A. Kraft

President/CEO IFP
Executive Vice President, The Kraft Group

Rebecca Lacouture, PhD

President and Chief Operating Officer,
Silk Medical Aesthetics Inc.

Robert W. Pangia

Private Investor

Robert W. Pangia

Private Investor

Jeffrey N. Vinik

CEO, American Investment Holdings
Chairman, Tampa Bay Sports & Entertainment

Jeff Vinik

CEO, American Investment Holdings Chairman, Tampa Bay Sports & Entertainment

Silk Medical Aesthetics Inc.